IUT Became the Focal Point for the Iranians’ Cooperation with SESAME

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) has mandated IUT as the national focal point for cooperation with the international project "Synchrotron Radiation for Experimental Applications in the Middle East (SESAME)", and Prof. Dr. Seyed Mehdi Abtahi, the president of IUT, is appointed as the head of the SESAME National Working Group.

SESAME stands for “Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Application in the Middle East”, which can be referred to as “Synchrotron Radiation for Experimental Applications in the Middle East”.

After missioning IUT to be the National Authority for Cooperation of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the CERN Global Project, and the establishment of the Swiss Desk for scientific cooperation with Iran, the National Authority for Cooperation of Iran with the SESAME International Project is the third national and international mission assigned to this university by the Ministry of Science.

This is carried out with the great and assiduous efforts of Prof. Mahmoud Tabrizchi, a prominent professor at the Department of Chemistry of IUT, who has dozens of national and international honors for basic research in basic sciences. Prior to this, in June of this year, after five years of effective presence in the SESAME Advisory and Scientific Committee, he was re-elected as Iran's representative in this committee.



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