IUT_International Center Introduction


International & Scientific Cooperation Center  was formally established in 1991 to provide leadership, service and support for the international activities of the Faculty, Students and Staff at Isfahan University of Technology. IUT_International center encourages, promotes and seeks opportunities for members of the Isfahan University of Technology community to effectively pursue their interests and careers in a globalized world. Through its Programs and Services, IUT_International center gives students, faculty and staff the opportunities to enhance their international and intercultural competencies by way of networking with international academic, government and non-government accredited institutes around the world.
During the past few years, the University has made efforts toward expanding its international activities through cooperation with international societies, joint educational and research programs, and invitation of internationally recognized foreign professors for collaboration as adjunct professors or visiting researchers.

As a part of its mission IUT_International center is responsible to facilitate the international relationship between IUT bodies and international partners. This includes:

  • Establishing ties with international associations to pursue the membership of the university in those associations,     
  • Establishing link with branches of international organizations which are based in Iran
  • Inviting international guests
  • Encourage IUT students to take part in the international competitions
  • Planning the national and international conferences and workshops.


The vision of IUT_International center are as follows:

  1. To achieve international distinction for creativity, innovation and excellence.
  2. To enhance IUT’s mission in the fields of IUT teaching, research and services by making the University a leader in the region through its integration and participation in projects and other programs and activities with international institutes and organizations of high repute.
  3. To educate students so that they are equipped to make meaningful contributions of a global caliber for our rapidly changing world.
  4. To contribute to the promotion of education, culture and industry in the greater community.
  5. To enhance research in the most advanced fields, so that such research contributes to the future well being of society.
  6. To promote internationalization by developing global academic networks and by including international students in the education process.

And all these are is for moving toward a better world. It is worth the effort.


Modern communications, transportation, and research have shrunk the globe. Universities all over are competing in this global village; Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) is no exception.
The mission of IUT_International center is to support the integration of an international perspective into the University’s threefold mission of teaching, research, and service, in order to enable members of the University community to meet the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly globalized world.


Currently, the University collaborates with partners in approximately 18 countries and has signed 56 cooperative agreements with various institutions in these countries. To ensure that IUT is in the forefront of internationalization, the IUT_International center is  responsible to:

  • Establish and maintain international relationships and agreements
  • Serve as the University authority for negotiating international contracts and agreements
  • Review international projects/activities proposals and commission them when approved
  • Collaborate with international associations and organizations to promote the University interests
  • Communicating with scientific organizations outside Iran
  • Sabbatical or study leaves of IUT faculty members
  • Short term research programs of PhD students at foreign universities
  • Act as a central office for all international cooperative activities
  • Explore and identify the different channels and opportunities for international cooperation
  • assist with other IUT Departments to collaborate with international industries
  • Facilitate the requests of visiting scholars and review the visit reports
  • Track and archive the non-conference international visits of IUT members
  • Act as the secretariat office for the International Advisory Board (Council)
  • Collaborate with appropriate international conferences or workshops for training or awareness
  • Prepare  the University management with annual reports on ISCO activities and accomplishments
  • Educate faculty and staff on cross-cultural issues with the intent of making the campus more receptive to international students and faculty
  • Collaborate with international funding agencies and attract international research funds for the University faculty and researchers

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