Department of Transportation Engineering

Department of Transportation Engineering is a brand new Engineering department which is founded in 2013. As a center of excellence, Department of Transportation Engineering admitted its first group of graduate students in fall 2013. The department has started off with transportation planning as its main focus but is going to expand in railway, and pavement as well.
The department starts its formal students' acceptance in the field of Transportation Planning at Master of Science level. It is hoped to offer more fields specially conducting multidisciplinary pure and applied research.

Industrial Partners
•    Ministry of Roads and Urban Development
•    Isfahan Municipal
•    Isfahan Bus Co.
•    The Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran (RAI)


Research Activities
•    Analyzing the demands for rail transport in Iran
•    Preparing the master plan for the Isfahan province roads
•    Developing the comprehensive software of bus transportation management


Contact Information
Department of Transportation Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT).
Tel: +98-31- 33911400, Fax: +98-31-33911400


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