Department of Water Sciences and Engineering

This department started its academic activities in 1981 to provide students with broad-based engineering skills necessary to solve water engineering problems related to different subjects such as irrigation, drainage, water resources, water structures, hydraulics and river engineering. A group of more than 15 full time faculty and staff members are involved in both teaching and research in different aspects of water engineering.
The department offers degrees of Bachelor of Science (BSc.) in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering, Master of Sciences (MSc.) in Irrigation and Draining Engineering, Water Structures Engineering and Water Resources Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) in Water Sciences and Engineering-Irrigation and Drainage.
Department of Water Sciences and Engineering have established a very effective collaborations both nationally and internationally with some research institutions and governmental offices. These collaborations focuses on waste water reuse, irrigation water demand, irrigation efficiency, soil and water pollution control, deficit irrigation, technology developments, flood estimation, drought mapping, applied research projects and consultations.

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