Collaboraiton with non-residence Irainians

Establishment of a specialized collaboration base with non-resident Iranian scientists and specialists in Isfahan University of Technology.

Isfahan University of Technology in collaboration with Iran National Elites Foundation and Vice-President for Science and Technology, has established a specialized base in order to collaborate with non-resident Iranian scientists and experts.

The main goals of this plan are to transfer knowledge, experience and technical ideas to the country through supporting scientific and research programs, including post-doctoral opportunities, sabbaticals, short-term and long-term technical projects and conducting lectures and professional workshops and trying to improve the effective communication between non-resident Iranian scientists and specialists and chosen Iranian research centers.

Isfahan University of Technology, following its previous policies about extending scientific and research collaboration with all non-resident scientists, warmly welcomed all the scientists and experts who live abroad, to participate in this plan.

Applicants may visit and enter the cooperation system and in the phase of selecting the center for collaboration, select Isfahan University of Technology.

If you need more information, you can contact to National Elite Foundation through their website or you may send an email to bmn[at]

You can download the brochure of this plan from here.

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