Faculty Internationalization Coordinator




Faculty of Textile Engineering

Dr. Parham Soltani

Email: pa.soltani@iut.ac.ir


Faculty of Physics

Dr. Soroush Shakeri

Email: s.shakeri@iut.ac.ir


Faculty of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dr.Mehdi Khashei

Email: Khashei@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Majid  Salamat

Email: msalamat@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering


Dr. M. Reza Tavakoli


 Email :  mrtavak@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Chemistry

Dr. Hossein Farrokhpour

    Email: h-farrokh@iut.ac.ir

College of Agricultural Engineering

 Dr.Milad Fathi

Email:  mfathi@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Transportation Engineering

Dr. Alireza Sahebgharani

Email: a_sahebgharani@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Natural Resources

Dr. Omid Beyraghdar Kashkooli

Email: omid.beyraghdar@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Materials Engineering

Dr. Behzad Niroumand

Email: behzn@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Mining Engineering

Dr. Saeid Mahdevari

Email : smahdevari@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Dr. Mahdi Nasimifar

Email: nasimifar@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Manshaei

Email: manshaei@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Dr. Mehdi Sattari

Email: m.sattari@iut.ac.ir

Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dr. Jalal Zahabi

Email: zahabi@iut.ac.ir

Golpayegan College

Dr. Seyed Mahdi Rafiaei

Email: s.rafiaei@iut.ac.ir


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