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Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) (Persian: دانشگاه صنعتی اصفهان Dāneshgāh-e San'ati-ye Esfahān) is one of the most prestigious engineering universities in Iran. It is located 15 Kilometers north west of Isfahan and is one of the major universities and research poles in Iran in the fields of science, engineering and agriculture. It has its own dorms, shopping center, sports & recreation centers and medical centers on the campus. This university enjoys the advantages of being situated in the vicinity of the historical, industrial, and commercial city of Isfahan; a city with a long-standing tradition in science, art and culture as well as a leading center of technological activities in present-day Iran. The materials engineering department is the most famous department at this university and one of the best in all over of Iran. [2]

Isfahan university of technology is not to be confused with University of Isfahan which is located in southern Isfahan.



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