Department of Food Science and Technology

Department of food science and technology was established in 1980 with the aim of training students to obtain a better understanding about food processes and a systematic investigation into a variety of foods properties and compositions and ultimately improve food products for the general public. A group of more than 15 full time faculty and staff members at this department investigate the physical, microbiological, and chemical makeup of different foods. By applying their findings, they are responsible for developing the safe, nutritious foods and innovative packaging that supports the ever-growing national food industry.

The department has a strong research culture based on the application of fundamental scientific principles and focusing on expanding understanding of foods as biomaterials. The research initiatives cover a range of topics including the food chemistry, food engineering, food microbiology, and food technology. The department offers three degrees of graduation including B.Sc. in food science and technology (general option), M.Sc. and Ph.D. in food science engineering, food microbiology and food technology. The Center of Excellences in Food Safety and Quality at this department is nationally recognized and is funded directly by the ministry of science, research and technology of Iran.

Our international collaborations includes, production of novel functional foods (Guelf University, Canada), controlling texture in meat production (University of Nottingham, United Kingdom), development of a functional milk product (University of Sari, Italy), optimization of exopolysaccharide production by Lactobacillus species (University of Alberta, Canada), detection of Ochratoxin A by application of gold nanoparticles based immunochromatography (oil crops research institute of the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, China) and production of probiotic yoghurt using native Lactobacillus plantarum (Lille University, France).

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

To obtain B.Sc. degree in Food Science and Technology, undergraduate students must take a total of 135-140 credits including 20 credits of general courses, 36 credits in basic courses, 70 credits out of core courses and 9-14 credits from elective ones. You can download the curriculum for undergraduate programs from here and the course description from here.

Graduate Programs

  • MSc Programs: MSc students must take 32 credits to obtain M.Sc. degree in Food Science of which 18 credits are the core courses, 6 elective courses, 2 credits seminar and 6 the thesis. You can download the course description for MSc programs from here.
  • PhD Programs: Total credits for PhD degree is 36, of which 10 are the core courses, 8 the elective courses and 18 credits are the thesis.  You can download the course description for MSc programs from here.



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