Department of Mining Engineering

Established in 1977, Department of Mining Engineering was started as one of the first university disciplines. Objective of this department as one of the most experienced units in mining engineering education, efforts to train experts in various fields of exploration, extraction, rock mechanics and mining and mineral processing in order to create change in the mineral industry and the needs of industry.

Research Activities
The department of Mining Engineering consists of four main programs of Mineral processing, Mining exploration, Mining Exploitation and Rock Mechanics. The research activities and industrial projects are basically done in the graduate levels individually or by teams, in Mining and Rock Mechanics.
The research activities and research interests of the Department of Mining Engineering are as follows:

  • Mineral Processing in the field of Hydrometallurgy includes Leaching, Solution concentration and purification, Metal Recovery.
  • Mining Exploration includes Exploration Geophysics, Exploration Geochemistry, Remote Sensing and GIS, Evaluation Hydrocarbon exploration.
  • Rock Mechanics and mining Excavation includes Dam, Tunnel, Slope, Underground spaces, Petroleum geo-mechanics, Open pit mine and underground mine design.
  • Petroleum Exploration includes Stratigraphy and Sedimentology, Petroleum Geology, Petrophysics, Basin Analysis and Exploration Geophysics.

Research Laboratories
This department has 9 well equipped research laboratories named as follows:

  1.  Rock Mechanics Laboratory
  2.  Geophysics Laboratory
  3.  Geochemistry Laboratory
  4.  Mineral Processing Laboratory
  5.  Cartography Laboratory
  6.  Mineralogy and Petrography Laboratory
  7.  Microscope Laboratory
  8.  Sample Preparation Laboratory
  9.  Decorative Stone Laboratory


Academic Programs

Mining Engineering Department of the Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) offers two Bachelor of Science degrees (B.Sc.) in Mining Exploration and Mining Exploitation. In the postgraduate level Mining Engineering department employs Master and PhD students in four subjects: Mining Exploration, Rock Mechanics, Mining Exploitation, Petroleum Exploration and Mineral Processing.

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate students would take hundred forty credits to obtain a B.Sc. degree. The curriculums for the Degree of Bachelor Science in Mining Exploration and Mining Exploitation are available here and Undergraduate Course Description is available at here.

Graduate Program

You can download the curriculum for Graduate Programs from here and the Graduate Course Descriptino from here.

Contact Information
Department of Mining Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT).
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Tel: +98-31- 33915100,     Fax: +98-31-33912776


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