IUT Swiss Desk

Opening of Swiss desk at Isfahan University of Technology

Due to established and long-term academic cooperation between IUT and universities in Switzerland, Isfahan University of Technology has been appointed as the "National Swiss Contact Point" by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. Intending to develop academic relations with Switzerland, Isfahan University of Technology established the "Swiss desk" in 2017. The  Swiss desk is responsible for providing required educational/ research information about promoting academic collaboration and joint research projects.

‍Contact information:

Head of Swiss desk: Dr. Abideh Jafari

(Leading House for Science and Technology Cooperation with Switzerland)

International Scientific Cooperation Center (ISCC)
Isfahan University of Technology (IUT)
Isfahan, 8415683111 Iran 
Tel: +98 31 33912505-6  
Fax : +98 31 33912511

Email: tajvari@of.iut.ac.ir

About Switzerland

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Switzerland Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS)

University of ETH Zurich

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

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