A research paper on MXenes 2D published in the journal of Advanced Materials with an impact factor of 27, by an IUT researcher

The result of joint research in MXenes 2D nanoparticle-reinforced composites, carried out by Mr. Masoud Malaki, a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering, IUT and Professor Rajender Singh Varma, University of Palaki, Czech Republic, published by Wiley, in the prestigious international journal Advanced Materials, with an impact factor of 27.398 released. 

MXenes 2D nanoparticles, used in various fields, including energy, medicine, and the environment, were discovered in 2011, and in the last decade, extensive studies have been conducted in the fundamental fields of chemistry and physics of these emerging materials.

In this study, which is part of the authors' ongoing research in this field, the various dimensions of these materials, including manufacturing methods, different properties and applications, recent developments, and the challenges in this field, have been examined.

To view the results of this research, click on the image below:


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