Isfahan University of Technology: the Top Technological University of Iran in the US News 2021 Ranking

According to the latest ranking announced by the prestigious US News Institute in 2021, with obtaining a score of 46.6, Isfahan University of Technology is ranked 4 among all Iranian universities; 128 among Asian universities and 631 among the world universities. After Tehran University, Islamic Azad University and Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan University of Technology is ranked 4 in Iran which is the 1st university among the country's technological universities.

In the subject ranking of physics, Isfahan University of Technology is ranked second after Islamic Azad universities. Also in the field of Materials Science, the best universities in Iran are ranked that the top ones are Tehran University, Amirkabir University, Sharif University of Technology and Isfahan University of Technology.

US News Institute has evaluated 1500 top universities from 86 countries for 2021. In this ranking system, the most important indicators are: Global research credibility 12.5%; regional validity of research 12.5%; international collaborations 10%; articles published in reputable journals 10%; normalized citation 10%; total citations 7.5%; publications among 10% of highly cited publications 12.5%; total publications that are in the top 10% of highly cited publications 10%; books 2.5%; and conferences 2.5%.

It should be noted that 589 universities from Asia are among the top 1,500 universities in the world, of which 36 universities are from Iran.

For more information about the ranking of Isfahan University of Technology in the US News ranking 2021, click here.


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