IUT Talented Students are its valuable ASSETS

Mohammad Mahdi Rostamabadi, a student of B.Sc. In the field of food science and technology in Isfahan University of Technology, has been accepted for PURE (Program for Undergraduate Research), summer 2020 at Sabanci University. He is working on a project entitled “Different types of nano-biosensors based on Graphene and its Derivatives” under the supervision of Dr. Zarrabi. 

Graphene based nanobiosensors have gained so much interest in various fields of food nanobiotechnology and nutraceuticals because of their unique potential in detecting food related pathogens, Glucose, Cholesterol, heavy metals and DNA. In addition, Graphene could be utilized in production of diagnostic nanobiosensors which possess remarkable potential in medical applications including the detection of viral infections (i.e. Influenza and Covid-19) and complex diseases (i.e. various types of cancer).

 PURE program organized by Sabancı University for undergraduate students to provide scientific research experience. This program is intended for undergraduate students who would like to pursue guided research project. Undergraduate students at all levels can apply and they will be selected according to projects’ requirements and the background of the applicant. The goal of the program is to introduce undergraduate students to real research problems early in their studies. Selected undergraduate fellows will work closely with a faculty member and his/her postdocs, graduate students on a specified project. Students, who took part in 62 interdisciplinary projects ranging from engineering to basic and social sciences for seven weeks, presented their works at the poster presentation event called PURE Fair. 

Mr. Rostamabadi , who is one of the top students of  his major among entrants of academic year 2017-2018, has been working on “targeted delivery of food bioactive agents” as his undergraduate project, under supervision of Dr. Hajar Shekarchizadeh.


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