A Report on Conducting Exams during COVID-19 in Different Universities around the World along with Introducing Appropriate Platforms Prepared by IUT_International

After the approval of the National Headquarters for Fighting Corona on Social Distancing, all face-to-face and educational activities in all universities and higher education centers in the country have been suspended. According to the announcement of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, on April 20, 2020, all educational institutions were required to use online education technologies in order to minimize the damage caused by the cessation of face-to-face education.

In addition to needing new teaching methods, it is necessary to take new measures for conducting exams, and universities and higher education institutions should take the necessary measures to evaluate students fairly and accurately according to their circumstances and facilities.

This report, which is the result of a study of 18 universities from around the world, deals with the world's universities measures and policies on how to conduct exams and evaluate their final grades.

The report begins with a review on the software and tools that these universities have used to conduct exams. Then, goes on with introducing appropriate platforms for this purpose.


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