Report of IUT International Scientific Cooperation Center on Higher Education during COVID-19

Corona's pandemic has shut down universities in 188 countries and caused serious changes in their higher education system. According to UNESCO, more than 1.5 billion students (more than 91% of the world's students) have been affected by the corona pandemic, and their education system has undergone serious changes. Changes that have been made either governmentally or by publicly or by universities and educational institutions.

With the closure of the university and the impossibility of providing face-to-face education, the world's universities have lost the ability to continue their normal activities in various fields, and the need to continue education and research has led to examining and applying alternative solutions. Our country's universities are no exception to this rule, and we are facing similar problems as other universities in the world.

In order to have and benefit from the measures taken by other universities, IUT International Scientific Cooperation Center has compiled a brief report in persian which includes a summary of the actions and policies of various universities to deal with the new conditions.

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