The 10th National Symposium of the International Deputies and Directors of Universities and Educational and Research Centers

This symposium was virtually held on May 18, 2020 with the presence of the Minister of Science, Research and Technology, the Deputy Ministers, the presidents of some universities, and research institutes and science and technology parks of the country as well as the international deputies and managers. The main topic of the meeting was about presenting the performance of several universities and research institutes and providing solutions for international scientific collaboration in the post-Corona era.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Seyed Mehdi Abtahi, President of Isfahan University of Technology, Dr. Mohammad Javad Omidi, Acting President of the University for International Affairs and Technology Infrastructures, and Dr. Sima Fakhran, Director of the International Scientific Cooperation Center. The President of Isfahan University of Technology, who was invited by Dr. Salar Amoli, Acting Minister for International Affairs, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Dr. Abtahi stated that the purpose of this speech was not to present an activity report, but to analyze the issue of higher education system fighting the COVID-19 crisis. He continued: "although this dangerous disease has taken more than 300 thousand lives so far, but during this period, new issues have been formed for the human society and universities, and in this regard, the elimination of the impact of place has been created so that we need to interact with more of IT." He also pointed out to the Swiss Desk activities of IUT carried out both nationally and with partnership of other universities. CERN membership, with advantages for other universities as well, was another topic mentioned by Dr. Abtahi. He also added that during the Corona Crisis, universities dealt very well with the needs of society and realized that meeting these needs should be of paramount importance. Leading countries are not independent of the help of the developing countries, and all of them need each other during this time, and the use of universities by the joint training network was mentioned. The IUT President also mentioned that a good event in the Iranian academic community is growth of the trust between professors and students as well as the integration of the Iranian academic community after Corona so that the Iranian international students can be admitted to continue their studies in our universities.

The symposium was continued by Dr. Salar Amoli’s speech by thanking the President of Isfahan University of Technology and the extensive activities of the Swiss desk. The Acting Minister of Science for International Affairs talked about the high status of Iranian universities and research institutes that have outstanding managers and heads in international affairs.

Dr. Gholami, Minister of Science, while expressing his gratitude for the activities carried out, including universities and science and technology parks, and regretting the epidemic situation, said that development of international scientific relations is one of the main strategies the results of which are because of the great efforts by university presidents.

After mentioning the current conditions, Dr. Gholami, said “Strategic and executive plans for the coming years must be re-evaluated with a realistic foresight. Pointing to the importance of retaining foreign students, he said: "By virtual education, the vice-presidency for education should maintain this capacity through planning to expand and support virtual education."   

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