Announcement of the results of the Bridging Grant 2020

The results of the selected research projects in the framework of Bridging Grant for the year 2020 are announced.

Bridging Grant, following the Mobility Grant and the Seed Money Grant, is the third co-funding instrument that has been declared for supporting joint research activities among Iranian and Swiss Universities. Swiss Desk (the Iranian Leading House for Science and Technology Cooperation with Switzerland), together with ZHAW (the Swiss Leading House of South Asia and Iran), defined these instruments jointly to facilitate and support joint scientific activities between the universities and research institutes of Iran and Switzerland. Bridging grants offer the possibility to continue joint researches between Iranian and Swiss researchers while they are preparing a grant application for a full joint research project e.g., through the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), EU funding, or any other national or regional funding body. 

According to the ZHAW report, a total number of 14 projects have been selected for receiving Bridging Grant in 2020. Of these, ten research projects will be co-funded by Iranian and Swiss Universities. Five projects will be co-funded by the universities of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology (MSRT), and five projects will be co-funded by the universities of the Iranian Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MOHME).

The MSRT research projects are from Tarbiat Modarres University, Isfahan University of Technology, Sharif University of Technology (two projects), and the University of Isfahan. You can see the details of these projects at the following table:

Research project title

Iranian institute Swiss Institute

Metagenomics analysis of microbial phenol removal from wastewater

Tarbiat Modarres University HES-SO

Multifunctional magnetoelectric materials: The case of K-olivine-structured orthophosphate, K1-xLixNiPO4

Isfahan University of Technology EPFL

Novel method to fabricate single solid-state nanopores for protein manipulation

Sharif University of Technology EPFL

Experiment Design for Causal Structural Learning

Sharif University of Technology EPFL

Voice Identity in Persian

University of Isfahan University of Zurich

Swiss Desk takes this opportunity to congratulate the winners of Bridging Grant. We hope that this cooperation could be an effective step in the development of joint research activities between the two countries and pave the way for future collaboration in the form of more extensive research projects with the support of scientific funding bodies in Iran and Switzerland.


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