To Fight with Covid-19, the Researchers at IUT Succeeded to Manufacturer a Home Disinfectant Device Using Ultraviolet Radiation

This device which is in size of a microwave is used to disinfect any object at home.
The objects that are brought home can be put in this device for some minutes to inactivate the possible viruses and bacteria on them.
There are two models of this device.
NOURA SANITIZER UV50 is the one which is used at homes and has a capacity of 50 liters and it is equipped with finest UVC lamps free of ozone.
Currently, the functionalities of the device in inactivating bacteria and virus is carried out by the biotechnology Institute at Isfahan University of Technology and it will be marketed in near future.
This device has been designed and manufactured by some of the faculty members from the University of Isfahan in the
Noura Layeh Negar Spin-off Co. located in Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT).


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