The Third International and scientific cooperation's E-Newsletter of IUT for December 2019 is published.

 This newsletter, designed to expand the university's international scientific interactions with academic institutions abroad, aims to inform all faculty, students, and IUT staff about international events, educational opportunities, and research available in international academic spaces, News of visits and conferences, as well as bylaws and circulars related to international affairs, which can affect the international scientific interactions of outstanding academics. This newsletter covers international news and honors related to IUT in December 2019.

What we read in this issue is:

  • Seasons ‘Greeting Message
  • Interview with an IUT Alumnus  
  •   UT5 Network   
  • A visit from University of Algarve
  •   IUT Awards and Honors  
  •  Holding Seminars
  • The Alumni Association of IUT
  • IUT Foundation
  •  Announcements and Opportunities   
  • What are your 2020 Resolutions?
  • fifteen qualities of a great team member


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