A conference on opportunities to study in Germany together with the available scholarships given by DAAD was held at IUT

The IUT International Collaboration Center was the host of Dr. Ahmad Keshavarzi - the head of DAAD office in Tehran. In this conference, strategies and policies on more connection and collaboration between IUT and DAAD were negotiated.

This conference was held with presence of a group of the faculty members and students of IUT as well as some other representatives from other universities in Isfahan.

The head of DAAD office in Tehran talked about the universities and research systems as well as the opportunities of studying in Germany. The conditions for obtaining individual scholarships from DAAD, financial support for the projects between Iran and Germany and experiences of the past years were among the topics that Dr. Keshavarzi presented.


 \ Prof. Dr. Safavi, a member of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at IUT, also had a lecture on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) for Zayandeh Rud which was conducted under financial support of German Ministry of Science (BMBF).

Another lecture was presented by Prof. Dr. Hossein Moradi, a member of the Faculty of Natural Resources at IUT,he had an informative presentation on the scientific collaborations between IUT and the University of Freiburg as well as Erasmus + programs.


The last but not least subject was presented by Prof. Dr. Ali Yousefi, a member of the Faculty of Agriculture at IUT, that was on “An Introduction on Zayandeh Rud basin and connection with STEER project” and mutual interactions between academic members and DAAD.   


At the end of the conference there was a Q & A session about the above subjects through which the participants got the answers to their questions from the lecturers.  



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