The First Meeting of the IUT International Center and the Faculties’ Coordinators

This meeting was headed by Prof. Dr. Omidi, the Acting President for International Affairs and Development of Technology Infrastructures, and Director of the IUT International Center, Prof. Dr. Sima Fakheran, with presence of 12 professors as coordinators of the faculties who are in the driving seat of the internationalization of the faculties, and the staff of the IUT International Center.

Putting emphasis on the crucial importance of internationalizing the University, Prof. Dr. Omidi pointed out to the high potentials of the faculties due to the educational history of the faculty members overseas or their international links and stated that IUT is a multifaceted and appropriate ground for admitting more foreign students and raising the university ranking worldwide.

Director of the IUT International Center, Prof. Dr. Sima Fakheran, stated that this meeting is a turning point in development of international affairs of IUT because we have faculty members with experiences from different universities worldwide. She also outlined the goals of the University’s Development Plan as a strategic document in IUT and mentioned that this document is the main goal of IUT in achieving an authority in science and technology in Asia.

Prof. Dr. Fakheran added that, for internationalizing universities, there are executive strategies such as augmenting joint collaborations with science and research centers and reputable researchers around the world like the ones conducted by the Faculty of Physics in joining CERN, or obtaining and facilitating exchanges, developing physical infrastructures related to the IUT International Center, planning for the university’s physical infrastructures due to having an international ecosystem at IUT, empowering the academics, planning based on the requirements of internationalization, and also teaching English Language to the staff and people who are in communication with international institutes and professors.

Some more highlights discussed in this meeting were:

  • The task description of the international links
  • Specifying a particular organizational position for the faculties’ coordinators in international affairs
  • Admitting more international students
  • The role of faculties in funding the international affairs
  • Advertisements, Social networks, IUT website, technology transfer, and international grants
  • Swiss Desk
  • Sharing experiences on EU Grants (Horizon 2020)

The meeting came to an end with introducing the staff of the IUT International Center and explaining their responsibilities followed by comments and recommendations of the professors of the faculties.   





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