Announcement of the first issue of IUT International E-Newsletter.

In order to expand the university's international scientific interactions with overseas academic institutions, the IUT International is planning to prepare an international relations electronic Newsletter in line with the IUT mission towards a Green University.

The purpose of the publication is to inform esteemed professors, dear students and staff of the university about international events, educational and research opportunities available in international academic spaces that reach the office through various means, visit news and conferences as well as regulations and bylaw instructions related to international affairs, which can affect the international scientific interactions of outstanding academics.

enlightenedYour constructive participation in this path will guide us toward our goal.

You can send either Persian or English news relevant to international activities such as seminars, joint scientific achievements, honors and awards, etc. to be published in the next editions of this newsletter of IUT International Center. For this purpose, please contact us through E-mail:  or telephone numbers: (031)-33912505 ,  (031)-33912506

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