Appointment of the new acting president in International Affairs and Development of Technology Structures at IUT .

Prof. Dr. Mohammadjavad Omidi, was appointed as the acting president of the university in International Affairs and Development of Technology Structures.

Prof. Dr. Omidi was formerly the Vice-president Research & Technology at IUT and Prof. Dr. Seyed Mehdi Abtahi, the University President, has appointed this prominent figure at IUT to this office on 22.09.2019 while putting emphasis on the invaluable and precious experiences that Prof. Dr. Omidi possesses. His appointment to this unprecedented future-oriented office is indicative of a very well-deserved position showing this provost's outstanding competences and firm commitment. The executive records of Prof. Dr.Omidi show that he used to be the Director General of the IT & Communications in Isfahan Province, Deputy to the ISTT, President to the IT Center at IUT, Dean of Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty at IUT, and Counsellor of IT & Communications at Isfahan Province Governorship, among many other ones. He has published a prolific number of papers in international scientific journals and conferences, and also has a record of more than 10 international patents.   

The International Scientific Cooperation Center at IUT congratulates this appointment to Prof. Dr. Omidi and the university community as well. 

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