Designation of 60 thousand Swiss francs to Iranian students by the Switzerland's Leading House for the bilateral research collaboration.

 The results of mobility Grant in 2019 have been declared by ZHAW which is the Leading House for scientific cooperation with Iran.

According to the results reported by ZHAW, from the total 115 applications received by Iranian students, 8 grants with worth of 60 thousand Swiss francs have been granted to some students from 6 Iranian Universities.

According to the report given by the Leading House for scientific cooperation with Iran, the Iranian winners of this research grant are from Tarbiat Modares University (2 students), Tehran University (2 students), the University of Isfahan, Isfahan University of Technology, the University of Zanjan, and Alzahra University.  

It is worth mentioning that the scholarships supporting the Mobility Grant activities will enable the young scientists to take part in international R & D Projects. Contributions of these young scholars to these projects will nurture new relationships between the research institutes of both countries and consolidate the collaborations between them. Initially, these supports are given to inspire the young talents in Switzerland and then, the Swiss researchers are encouraged to travel to the copartner country to foster more scientific interactions between the two.   



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