Times Higher Education rankings 2020: IUT and its first place in four fields among the Iranian Universities

In the latest academic rankings results published by Times Higher Education for 2020, Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) was ranked 601-800th in World University Ranking, and 109th in Asian University Ranking categories.

According to subject category of Times Higher Education 2020, IUT is:

  • Ranked first in the country for Agricultural, Forestry, Environmental and Marine Sciences fields;
  • Ranked 2nd in the country for life sciences;
  • Ranked 3rd in the country for International Outlook and Industry Income
  • Ranked 4th in the list of 40 Iranian Universities


It should be noticed that the Times Higher Education ranking system, is one of the most reliable ranking systems for the world universities. For the duration between 2012 to 2014, only one university, and in 2015, two universities of Isfahan University of Technology and Sharif University of Technology were ranked by this ranking database. This number rose to 18 universities in 2019, and finally 40 universities from Iran have joined 1396 top universities of the world from 92 countries.









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