Commemorating the research Week and the World Soil Day at IUT

The annual conference of World Soil Day was held during the Research Week with the presence of top soil researchers, professors, and students, organized by the Research Deputy of the Faculty of Agriculture and the Scientific Society of Soil Sciences and Engineering at the Faculty of Agriculture.

During this conference, while presenting the latest achievements in the field of soil science, the estimated annual damage of soil erosion in the country, amounting to $28 billion, was emphasized regarding its importance in food security and the production of clean water. Dr. Mohammad Ali Hajabbasi, the head of the soil department, emphasized the importance of soil in the world, stating that this year's slogan for World Soil Day is "Soil and Water, the Source of Life."

He added that one of the goals of the conference is to use experts and researchers to provide optimal solutions for soil utilization since soil has a direct relationship with food security and human health. The scientific secretary of the conference highlighted the most important programs of this year's gathering, including the presentation of scientific achievements by graduates of Isfahan University of Technology, recognition of researchers from Isfahan University of Technology, communication with entrepreneurs and top managers of the province, and a book introduction session.

It is worth mentioning that considering the importance of soil as one of the most crucial components of nature, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has declared December 5th, equivalent to Azar 14th, as World Soil Day since 2012, and the years 2015 to 2024 as the International Decade of Soils.

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