Unlimited PhD Fellowships

IUT Postgraduate Studies Council hosted Dr. Masoudi, the director general of Students Fellowship and Scholarship Department at Students Affairs Organization, at a meeting in which he elaborated on the latest opportunities provided for PhD students both inside the country and outside. The financial aid to study abroad includes up to 200 million Toman scholarship as well as the flight cost. However, the program also supports students to continue their higher education through financial aids including accommodation cost, research financial aid, food allowance and a salary up to 4 million Toman per month.

he also stressed that thirteen different types of scholarships are being designed and implemented in order to address the occupational needs of postgraduate students along with the requirements of the industry.

The private sector including big companies and knowledge-based corporations will inform universities of their technical needs and requirements and provide full-scholarship for postgraduate studies on their own or in cooperation with the government provided that the undergraduate syllabus designed by the university encompasses 40 credit optional courses which conform to the needs of the industry.   

It is worth noting that in the new process, upon admission of their doctoral thesis, students can apply to the General Office for Scholarship for the fellowship programs during their permissible academic years (less than eight semesters).



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