The 15th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology was Held at IUT

The 15th International Seminar on Polymer Science and Technology was held at Isfahan University of Technology on November 8-10 .

The conference was held both in person and online. Prof. Masoomi, the chairman of the executive committee, and his colleagues successfully organized this wonderful gathering. Prof.Masoomi went through some details in an interview conducted by the International Scientific Cooperation Center. He stated that they received 622 articles which was a record number amongst all previously held seminars. The conference focused on two areas namely “Polymer in Biomedical and Tissue Engineering” and “Polymer Materials for Medical Care in the Covid-19 Pandemic”. Three hundred papers, a record number, met the requirements for oral presentation which proved high quality of the seminar. However, due to time pressure, only a dozen of papers was presented orally and almost 450 as scientific posters. Eighteen keynote lecturers, both Iranians and foreigners including Canadians, Austrians, Australians and the Swedish, presented their research activities. Prof. Clemens Holzer from Austria, Prof. Nayereh Taebniya a
researcher at Carolina University from Sweden, Dr. Alireza Forouzani from Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany, were amongst prominent lecturers. Some Iranian industries financed this gathering and five foreign institutes and universities supported the seminar spiritually.

Prof. Nekoomanesh, Managing Director of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute, was also amongst our prominent guests at the university. He shared his thoughts and ideas on the conference in a friendly talk. He stated that Isfahan University of Technology has a great potential to hold such events due to its facilities and location in the center of Iran. He expressed that Iran Polymer Society is the only scientific
polymer society in the country and it seeks to strengthen cooperation amongst scientists in Iran. He addressed some worries expressed by industries regarding better cooperation between academics and the industry. He believed a great deal of work has already been done but admitted the need for further cooperation. Regrading international cooperation, he claimed that due to Covid situation and some global changes, they haven’t fully achieved their goals in terms of holding international seminars and gatherings which he hoped to be improved in near future. An interview with the companies participated in the
conference indicated that they are highly interested in expanding their cooperation with universities in terms of recruiting young researchers in R & D and QC departments. They expressed their worries in this regard and welcomed such gatherings to strengthen the ties.   






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