Forty Faculty Members of Isfahan University of Technology among "2022 World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists/Researchers"

The list was announced on October 10, 2022, based on the updated science-wide Scopus databases of standardized citation indicators. The number of enlisted faculty members of IUT shows a considerable improvement.

This ranking, published by Stanford University, which is considered the most prestigious worldwide, is based on the bibliometric information contained in the Scopus database and includes more than 190,000 researchers from more than 8.5 million scientists considered to be active worldwide, with 22 scientific fields and 176 subfields taken into account. 

The list was presented based on two different types of data evaluations. While the first assessment
covered a period of time until the end of the year 2021 which showed a long-term career performance indicator of senior researchers in which 24 members of our university were enlisted, the second
evaluation analyzed data solely in 2021 and 39 faculty members were able to secure a position.

Department of Materials Engineering with 11 members, followed by Department of Chemistry with 9 scholars were  ranked first and second respectively among all faculties at IUT.   

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