Adjunct Professor

Based on the regulation of cooperation with adjunct professors that has been approved and signed by the board of governors of Isfahan University of Technology in June 28, 2011 under the document No. 630.

To advance the status of the university to a top world university, improve the student admission at the graduate level, especially at the PhD level, expand international collaboration, upgrade the university global ranking, create greater opportunities for sabbatical leaves of the PhD students, and facilitate the implementation of the research projects, IUT regulation of Adjunct Professor aimed at hiring the most outstanding world scholars has been issued.   

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor is an international scholar or professor who cooperates with IUT under definite contract for a determined period.  Cooperation can be started at any time of the year. The name of the adjunct professor can be registered at IUT faculty directory.


Areas of collaboration

  • Cooperation in IUT research projects and further contracts with other universities 
  • Supervising graduate theses and dissertations
  • Research and educational Seminars and Workshops
  • Offering IUT specialized and required courses
  • Assistance in upgrading IUT global ranking
  • Assistance in resolving the existing research difficulties of IUT by application of the research data, facilities and equipment existing outside Iran


Adjunct Professor Commitments

  • During the three years of his/her contract, the adjunct professor is to supervise at least one PhD student jointly or individually.
  • The adjunct professor is to attend IUT full time 4 weeks annually or at least 9 weeks biannually 
  • The adjunct professor should mention IUT address in all articles, scientific reports and all other jointly accomplished works.
  • IUT copyright in all joint inventions and discoveries should be determined through mutual consultation between IUT and the adjunct professor.


IUT Commitments

  • If necessary, adjunct professor’s travel expenses, economy level, would be financed through the grant of the host professor or be funded by the research resources of the hosting department.
  • If possible, the hosting department will provide the adjunct professor with the office and computer and lab equipment.
  • There would be no regular payment for the adjunct professor.  In case of short-term education or any course offered by the adjunct professor, he/she will receive the payment equal to that normally received by IUT faculty under the same condition.
  • Supervising students will be paid the same as offered to IUT faculty of the same academic position
  • During short-term course of stay, the adjunct professor can be hosted at IUT guest house freely. The living expenses are to be covered by the adjunct professor himself. 



To employ adjunct professors, the candidate departments should send their application/proposal, after being approved by the educational-research council of their department, to IUT Dean Committee .The proposal should involve: 

  • Educational, research and administrative background of the adjunct professor
  • Collaborating areas involving the relevant research projects and educational courses and workshops together with the necessity of employing the adjunct professor.
  • Detailed chronological schedule of the adjunct professor

The maximum number of adjunct professors to be hired by each department is equal to 10% of the faculty of that department.

After the approval of the university Dean Committee, the relevant department should follow the university administrative affairs and the issuance of the final permission by the Central International Scientific Cooperation Office at the Ministry of Science, Research & Technology (MSRT) in Tehran.

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