Adjunct Professor

Based on the regulations of cooperation with adjunct professors that have been approved and signed by the board of governors of Isfahan University of Technology on January 20, 2020 under the document No. 970.


To advance the status of the university to a top world university, improve admission of students at graduate levels, especially at PhD level, expand international collaboration, upgrade the university global ranking, create greater opportunities for sabbatical leaves of the PhD students, and facilitate the implementation of research projects, IUT regulations for attracting Adjunct Professors, aiming at hiring the most outstanding scholars worldwide, have been issued.   

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor is an international scholar or professor who cooperates with IUT Faculties & Research Institutes in certain educational and research fields under definite contract for a determined period.  Cooperation can be started at any time of the academic year or holidays. The name of the adjunct professor can be registered at the IUT faculty directory.

Areas of collaboration

  • Cooperation in IUT research projects and further research contracts with other institutes out of the university  
  • Supervising & advising graduate theses and dissertations
  • Research and educational Seminars and Workshops
  • Offering IUT specialized and required courses
  • Assistance and advice on upgrading IUT global ranking
  • Assistance in resolving the existing research difficulties of IUT’s Faculty members and graduate students by application of the research data, facilities and equipment existing outside Iran (scientific data, patent registration, conducting experiments, etc. that are not available in IUT)
  • Cooperation in scientific-research and ISI journals as the editorial board of the journals  

Adjunct Professors’ Commitments

  • During the three years of his/her contract, the adjunct professor is to supervise or advise at least one PhD student jointly, and the one who is joined to the research institutes shall cooperate at least in one research project or a Q1-journal publication. 
  • The adjunct professor is to attend IUT in a full-time basis for 2 weeks annually or at least 8 weeks during three years.  
  • The adjunct professor should mention the IUT address in all joint articles, scientific reports and all other jointly accomplished works.
  • The IUT copyright in all joint inventions and discoveries should be determined through mutual consultation between IUT and the adjunct professor.

IUT Commitments

  • If necessary, adjunct professor’s travel expenses, at economy level, would be financed after confirmation of the vice-president for research & technology and through the research resources of the university.
  • If possible, the hosting department will provide the adjunct professor with office, computer and lab equipment.
  • There would be no regular payment for the adjunct professor.
  • During a short-term course of stay, the adjunct professor can be hosted at IUT guest house free of charge.


To employ adjunct professors, the candidate departments should send the relavant applications/proposals to the IUT International Scientific Cooperation Center, after which they shall be approved by the Board of Governors of the University. In this regard, the administrative procedure should comply with the executive style guide for employing adjunct professors which is attached to this by-law.    

IUT Adjunct Professors

  Nationlity Country Home University Major related Department Effective Dates of Agreement


Dr.Ali Zarrabi

Iranian Turkey Sabanci- SUNUM Chemical Engineering and Nanotechnology Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials Institute June 2020- June 2023


Dr.Alireza Darvishy 

Iranian Switzerland ZHAW ICT Electrical & Computer Eng. Nov. 2019- Nov. 2022






Dr.Gondulf Hasse                                                       

Austrian Austria University of Graz Mathematics Mathematical Sciences July 2019- July 2022






Dr.Hans Wernher Van de Venn

German Switzerland ZHAW Mechatronics Mechanical Engineering Sept. 2019- Sept. 2022





Dr.Paul Grimm

German Germany Folda University Applied Informatics Electrical & Computer Eng. Sept. 2019- Sept. 2022






Dr.Hossein Tudeshki

Iranian Germany Clausthal University of Tech. Surface Mining and International Mining Mining Engineering July 2017-July 2020





Dr.Josef Senn

German Switzerland ETH Natural Resources Naturale Resources Dept. April 2017-April 2020





Dr.Mohammad Jafar Taherzadeh

Iranian Sweden University of Boras Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering December 2015- December 2018






Dr.Mohammad Pessarakli

Iranian USA University of Arizona Plant Sciences College of Agriculture January 2013- January 2016






Dr.Hans Crauel

German Germany Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Mathematics Mathematical Sciences July 2012- Julay 2015






Dr.Abbas Samani

Iranian Canada University of Western Ontario Image Processing Electrical & Computer Eng. February 2012- February 2015






Dr.Chanbau XU

Canaidan Canada University of Western Ontario Chemicals and Fuels Chemistry August 2012- August 2015

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