Call for Winter School on "Digital Practice International Workshop - VOXGROWTH"

VOXGROWTH is a workshop from the series of the generative design and fabrication workshops in which Iran University of Science and Technology collaborates with Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts with an approach to teach the generative and computational design and fabrication to Architecture students.

Due to the pandemic period, this workshop will be online and students from both sides can participate. VOXGROWTH is a three-day workshop in which five instructors from both sides will contribute to prepare students to employ Grasshopper environment to use differential growth to be able to design generatively. The output of the workshop will be the students’ digital files and posters. At the end, the students will be provided with their certification sealed by both sides.

Tentative dates (From – to):

2021 Jan 9 – 2021 Jan 11

Registration Deadline:

2021 Jan 5

Eligibility qualification for the participants:

for undergraduate students


For further information and Registration please click here.



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