A Joint Webinar with Cooperation of Iranian and Swiss Researchers against COVID-19

Following the research collaborations of the Swiss Desk of Isfahan University of Technology and holding joint seminars and workshops with the Swiss Leading House for South Asia and Iran, and considering the new conditions due to the outbreak of coronavirus, a technical webinar was held on Monday, August 24, 2020 with the title of "Application of Artificial Intelligence and Contact Tracing App during COVID-19" with the presence of a total of forty Iranian and Swiss scholars and researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence in which the focus was on the applications of Artificial Intelligence during COVID-19 pandemic. The meeting was attended by some Iranian scholars from 11 universities and scientific and research centers, as well as representatives of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

In this webinar, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Manshaei and Seyed Jalal Zahabi from Isfahan University of Technology, Dr. Bahman Zamani from the University of Isfahan, Dr. Hamid Taghi-Rad from K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Dr. Hamid Rabiee from Sharif University of Technology were the Iranian speakers, and Dr. Sang-Il Kim, Head of Digital Development of the Public Health Federal Office, Dr. Guillaume Obozinski from EPFL, Dr. Nico Ebert from the Information Systems Research Institute, the Security Research Department, School of Management and Law at ZHAW University, Dr. Javier Montoya, and Dr. Mohammadreza Amirian from the Institute of Applied Information Technology, Department of Information Engineering at ZHAW Engineering Faculty were Swiss speakers who expressed and exchanged their ideas and ongoing research projects and showed their inclination toward continuing cooperation and development of joint activities in future.  






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