IUT International Reappointment:

Prof. Dr. Sima Fakheran was reappointed by the President of Isfahan University of Technology for the next two years as the Director of the IUT International Scientific Cooperation Center.

Dr. Fakheran is an Associate professor of Environmental Sciences, an alumna from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, Head of Swiss desk (Leading House for Iran–Switzerland Science and Technology Collaboration),  and the Vice President of the International Association of Landscape Ecology –IALE .

Since August 2018, Dr. Fakheran has been appointed as Director of IUT International. In addition to facilitating daily administrative processes, the main topics of activities during her tenure have been in three areas of Structural Changes, International Outreaching and Public Relations, and Expanding Swiss Desk’s activities.

Pursuing the University membership in CERN in active cooperation with the Acting President of International Affairs and Technology Infrastructure, facilitating the recruitment of Adjunct Professors, establishing the International Grants Office, Council of Faculties Internationalization, and Student Committee are also among the measures taken during her tenure.


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