Smart Portable UV-c Gun Manufactured by Researchers at IUT

Researchers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of IUT have designed and manufactured an easy-to-carry portable UV-c Gun portable device that can be used to inactivate viruses, bacteria and harmful microorganisms at all levels and objects.

Referring to the excellent features of this lightweight and portable disinfectant device, Dr. Mehdi Karevan, a member of the faculty of Isfahan University of Technology said: “This device, whose appearance is similar to home hair dryers and even can be designed with much smaller dimensions, is made with 6 watts of power and it is also changeable and adjustable to lower powers.”

He added: "The rechargeable battery with a relatively long life and possibility of multiple uses, as well as the very low weight and sound and optical warning systems at the time of activating ultraviolet rays are other features of this device. The device is easily rechargeable by regular chargers for 5V mobile phones or USB ports on TVs or laptops.”

Students and graduates of IUT having collaboration in this project are: Aliakbar Dastgerdi (student of Mechanical Engineering), Mohammad Maghsoudi (student of Electrical Engineering) and Hossein Karavan (Student of Materials Engineering).

Dr. Mehdi Karevan said that the device will be mass-produced and supplied in the near future.


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