In line with social responsibility and relying on specialty capabilities IUT is in front line of preventing and combating Corona.

By designing and manufacturing two products to disinfect objects, production of about 40000 face masks and 100 hospital gowns per day, the researchers at IUT demonstrated their technical and specialty capabilities associated to social responsibility of the university to fight coronavirus

Mr. Mohammad Javad Barati, the director of public relations at IUT, stated that within a  productive collaboration between IUT and the Mobarakeh Steel Co. and Investment of this industry, one of the biggest the most advanced production lines of N95 standard masks is being established in IUT.
This production line has the capacity to produce 20000 of N95 masks with 5 and 6 layers in high quality in a space fully mechanized, clean and isolated. 
Mr. Barati added that the design and establishment of this new production line have been carried out by researchers at IUT and the University Foundation as the main supporter and it will be open to full exploitation up to April 19, 2020.
The director of the public relations also pointed to the efforts made by the specialists in Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Institutes at this university in Ahoura Industry Nano-biology Co. which is a spin-off Co. at IUT. Standard textiles for producing 15000 nano masks per day is produced in this line.
Another attempt was made by the faculty members at the Faculty of Textile Engineering in a close collaboration with Isfahan Mahoot Co. and Fibers Company which is another spin-off company of this university and more than 3500 standard face masks with three layers are being produced per day. 

The disinfectant devices with home applications using UV and portable UV device are two crucial products manufactured by the researchers of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Like always, in a volunteer job, some students of the university have embarked on producing 100 hospital gowns in one of the workshops of the Faculty of Textile Engineering at IUT.

Preparing more than 1000 packages of disinfectant solutions, masks, sanitary gloves and distributing them in some impoverished neighborhoods in the province as well as having collaboration with active Jihadi Groups in the field of healthcare are among the some other social responsibilities of the academics performed in this crisis.      

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