The Fourth Call of Silk Road Science Fund 2020

In its fourth year of activity in supporting joint research programs between the Iranian researchers and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Iran National Science Foundation (INSF) has reported that Silk Road Science Fund (SRSF) has sponsored two research projects from Isfahan University of Technology which fall within the two fields of ‘Advanced Materials’ and ‘Water Science’. In the field of Water Sciences, the joint researchers are Prof. Dr. Nasrollah Mahboubi Soofiani, Prof. Dr. Jahangir Abedi, Prof. Dr. Sima Fakheran, Prof. Dr. Reza Modares.

And in the field of Advanced Materials, Prof. Dr. Aliasghar Ensafi, Prof. Dr. Heidari (the Post-doc Colleague) together with Prof. Dr. Sung Hu, an outstanding Chinese professor who has had 30 patents, 81 1 papers with H Index higher than 60 in his job record.

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