A Window to the World Conference (1)

The "Window to the World (1)" conference, focusing on trade with Africa and specialized analysis of commercial and economic relations, as well as export and import solutions to the African countries, was held on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, at the conference hall of the Isfahan City Center, with the participation of officials, ambassadors, business and economic activists from African countries, as well as Directors and international experts of the IUN Consortium (Isfahan Universities Network for International Cooperation).
In this event, opportunities for scientific cooperation between Iran and Africa were also discussed, with a focus on scientific diplomacy, technology, and academic exchange solutions for the African continent. Introducing the capacities and scientific programs of Isfahan's leading universities and centers (IUN), along with setting up an exclusive booth for this consortium, were among the other programs of this event.
Following this conference, representatives from Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan Science and Technology Town, University of Isfahan and Isfahan University of Art presented their scientific and academic capabilities and capacities.

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