IUT has been ranked among the most cited universities in the world.

Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) is recognized as one of the most cited universities in the world in 8 scientific fields.

Isfahan University of Technology (IUT) has been recognized as a top 1% highly cited university and research institution in multiple fields, including engineering, chemistry, materials science, agricultural sciences, plant and animal sciences, environmental and ecological sciences, biology and biochemistry, and computer science, according to the latest bi-monthly edition of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database published in June 2023.
Out of a total of 8,557 highly cited universities and research institutions in all subject areas, 115 universities and research institutions from the Islamic Republic of Iran have made it to the list. Iran is ranked 14th globally and has the highest share among Islamic countries after Turkey.
ESI ranks universities and research institutions in 22 subject areas based on the number of citations received for articles published in indexed journals and selects the top 1% highly cited institutions.


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