The IUT International Scientific Cooperation Center Holds a Scientific Seminar on Research Fellowship and Grants in China

The seminar, which is going to be held on February 5 at Fotouhi Conference Hall, hosts Dr. Gol Sanami, an associate professor at Shandong Science and Industry University and the Manager of Iran’s Scientific and Technological Interactions Office at Shanghai Cooperation Organization Town, who will present potential joint research opportunities and the procedures to establish an office at Shandong Province universities’ science and technology parks.

Prof. Dr. Mosaddegh, the Directorate of the International Scientific Cooperation Office, stated that a great potential exists now to strengthen the ties between IUN (a consortium formed of Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan University, Isfahan Medical Science University, Art University of Isfahan and Isfahan Science and Technology Town) and universities and scientific centers in Shandong, China.

Given that the road is now paved to sign scientific agreements between the two parties, the upcoming event provides some insights into preparing professors, students and knowledge-based corporations for offering their proposals in this regard.


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