Isfahan University of Technology is the Top Technological University in Iran for Social Services, Infrastructures and Facilities

According to the latest ranking of public universities under the supervision of the Ministry of Science in 2019-2020, which is revealed by the Islamic World Science Citation Center (ISC), Isfahan University of Technology has taken the first place in the fields of social services, infrastructures and facilities among the Iranian technological universities.

ISC ranking is based on general criteria in the evaluation and ranking of universities and institutions of higher education in 6 areas of education (30%), research (25%), technology and innovation (20%), internationalization (10%), economic impact (10%) and social services, infrastructures and facilities (5%).

In the ranking of 2020 carried out by this institute, a total of 103 universities participated, and according to the mission of each of them, they were classified and ranked.

There were 25 technological universities in this ranking, and IUT is among the top 5 technological universities and 15 top universities in Iran. According to this report, in the fields of social services, infrastructures and facilities, IUT is ranked first among the technological universities with a full score of 100.

As for the degree of economic impact with a score of 89.5, and internationalization with a score of 94.1, IUT has achieved the third place. IUT is also in the third place in economic effectiveness in the rankings of both comprehensive and technological universities.

In the section for technology and innovation, with a score of 86.4, and research with a score of 90.6, IUT is in the fourth place, while in the education section, with a score of 89.4 it is in the fifth place among the top 5 universities in Iran.

It is worth mentioning that economic and social impact, attention to skills and entrepreneurship, development and expansion of knowledge-based companies, job creation, internationalization of higher education, international participation in education and research, emphasis on promoting the culture of discipline, and cultural and Islamic issues, as well as the active presence of professors and students in science and technology make the ranking of the country's universities important and effective in the realization of science and technology development.




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