International School on Fine Scale Processes in Health and Energy Applications

Following the Memorandum of Understanding between the 5 top Iranian Universities of Technology in the country (UT5), the first international summer school on" Fine Scale Processes in Health and Energy Applications" hosted by Sharif University of Technology in collaboration with the physics Departments of  Isfahan University of Technology and Sharif University of Technology will be held.

Today, demand of energy production and storage devices as well as affordable, efficient and low-cost healthcare and environmental monitoring systems is increasing in worldwilde. Therefore, there is an urgent need for new technologies to overcome these energy and health-related issues. In this context, nanoscience and nanotechnology open new gates and as a result, understanding reactions and processes at atomic scale is essential to optimize the performance of the final devices based on nanostructures.

We are pleased to announce the 1st Online International Summer School on “Fine-scale Processes in Health and Energy Applications” is going to be held on 19-21 June 2021 (29-31 Khordad 1400) at Sharif University of Technology.

enlightenedParticipating in this program is free of charge, but registration is required.

enlightenedFor those participants who needs certification, a notification will be sent after the program.

enlightened All sections are virtual and available via online platforms.

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Deadline of registration: 17 June 2021 (27 Khordad 1400)

enlightenedMain topics

  • Photo/electro catalysts

  • PEC water splitting

  • CO2 reduction

  • Energy storage systems

  • Bio/chemical sensors

  • Solar cells

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