Disinfecting the City Train Wagons by Using a UV Device Designed and Manufactured by IUT Researchers

Researchers at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Isfahan University of Technology have designed and manufactured a portable ultraviolet-based disinfectant device to clean the city train wagons and other public places. 

The device, which was previously designed and manufactured to disinfect household objects was redesigned to disinfect the city train wagons and the environment of this busy area in the shortest possible time. 

Compared to traditional methods of disinfecting such places using alcohol-based materials, this method has some advantages such as complete coverage of the interior of the wagons and significant speed in cleaning the environment.

After designing and manufacturing this device and its performance confirmation by the Research Institute of Biotechnology at Isfahan University of Technology, two units of this product were delivered to Isfahan City Train Company. It can also be used in the city trains of other provinces and other similar public places. 

Earlier, the same researchers designed and manufactured two home disinfectant devices using the same ultraviolet radiation. NOURA SANITIZER UV50 is a microwave-size device which is used at homes and has a capacity of 50 liters and is equipped with finest UVC lamps free of ozone. The objects that are brought home can be put in this device for some minutes to inactivate the possible viruses and bacteria on them.

These devices, which were designed and manufactured by a number of faculty members of IUT in Noura Layeh Negar Spin-off  Co. located in ISTT, use the disinfecting properties of UVc beam in their structures.

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