IUT Health Care Center

The IUT Health Care Center was the first part of the university to mobilize its forces to fight the coronavirus and to take practical steps to provide services for the academics.

The following is the point list on IUT Actions to Fight COVID19 since Feb. 2020 , reported by the Director of IUT Health Center, Dr. Zahra Momtazpour (MD):


- Corresponding to different sectors of the University and communicating the general instructions given by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

- Taking healthcare actions to prevent outbreak of the virus in the faculties and dormitories, especially for the foreign students

- Cancelling all national and international conferences


1- Holding urgent meeting of the Crisis Committee (consisting of the University President, Director of the IUT Healthcare Center, and the University’s Vice-presidents) and taking the required actions to fight the Virus.

2- Presence of the Director of the IUT Healthcare Center in councils like education, and reporting and communicating the instructions. 

3- Providing the required information for the IUT Board of Directors to cancel extracurricular programs

4- Cancelling fingerprint attendance system.

5- Training the students of the Health Association at the IUT Healthcare Center and also the effective students in cluster training.

6- Taking preventive actions to disinfect the buildings of the University.

7- Training the University personnel about the disease, how to prevent and control it.

8- Cancelling all educational activities and student programs .

9- Managing and supervising the disinfection process.

10- Using social media to train people about coronavirus.

11- Installing banners and posters in different areas of the university.

12- Providing disinfectants for units, faculties, dorms, elevators etc.

13- Sending the patients with suspicious symptoms to hospital and tracking the patients’ conditions .

14- Evacuating student dorms to the possible extent.

15- Evaluating the students’ health at dorms.

16- Isolating the students with suspicious symptoms and providing sick rooms at dorms.

17- Facilitating the procedures for the people with suspicious symptoms without coming in person.

18- Presenting compulsory absence leave for the students, staff, and faculty members having specific diseases.

19- Interviewing with the director of the healthcare center to assuage public fears.

20-Holding meetings and calls for student groups and knowledge-based companies at ISTT to provide and supply disinfectants and masks.

21-Carrying out daily temperature tests on the university personnel and healthcare center.


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