The ICRANet Office has been established at IUT

Prof. Remo Ruffini, director of the International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Network (ICRANet), Italy, and Dr. Narek Sahakiyan, the director of ICRANet-Armenia center, visited IUT in December 20 and 21, 2016.

During their visit, Prof. Ruffini and Dr. Sahakyan had a meeting with Prof. Modarres Hashemi, the president of IUT, Prof. Mahboobi Soffiani, Director of International and Scientific Relation Office, Prof. Kameli, the head of IUT Department of Physics and Dr. Zarei, the deputy of research of the department of Physics. At this meeting, Prof. Mahboobi had a short presentation about IUT facilities and capabilities and current and future collaboration areas with ICRANet then the participants had discussion about the fields of mutual interests and the ways of extending collaboration between IUT and ICRANet.


Following this meeting, the ICRANet Office in the IUT has been inaugurated by Prof. Ruffini and Prof. Modarresh Hashemi during a formal opening ceremony. The main purposes of its establishment of this office that is located at the Department of Physic of IUT are developing research activities in relativistic astrophysics, organizing workshops and schools, exchanging of researchers, faculty members and graduate students. The establishment of this office is following the past scientific collaboration between IUT researchers and students with ICRANet.

“During the recent years, several scientific projects and studies have been conducted jointly by ICRANet and IUT scientists and researchers. Currently, ICRANet has several centers in different countries such as Brazil and Republic of Armenia. We hope that the establishment of this office and providing the necessary infrastructure, would led us to opening an ICRANet center in Isfahan University of Technology in the near future”; Said Dr. Zarei.


Prof. Ruffini and Dr. Sahakyan had scientific talk at the Department of Physic of IUT in December 11. Prof. Ruffini also had plans to visit the Universities of Kashan and Zahnjan and had a scientific talk at the Sharif University of Technology at Tehran.

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