Expanding international scientific cooperation with Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Science

Following an invitation from Xinjiang Branch of Chinese Academy of Science, Prof. Mahboobi Soofiani director of International and Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO) and Prof. Mehdi Keshmiri Director of Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) and faculty member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Isfahan University of Technology (IUT), traveled to Urumqi the capital of Xinjiang Province of China during August 29 till September 2, 2017.


The main purpose of this trip was participation in the 9th International Belt and Road Science Cooperation Conference and Science and Technology Exhibition convening by Xinjiang Branch of CAS. During this trip, Prof. Mahboobi Soofiani and Prof. Keshmiri had several meetings with CAS authorities such as Prof. Xi Chen the vice-chancellor of the Xinjiang Branch of CAS and Prof. Lei Jiaqiang, the General-Director of the Xinjiang Ecology And Geography Institute. During these meetings the parties had discussions about expanding mutual collaboration between IUT-SIIT and CAS in the ways of knowledge exchange, student and faculty exchange, technological and environmental collaboration. They also had negotiations about constructing an ecological research station in Ghamishloo National Park and Wildlife Refuge of Isfahan by CAS.

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