A MOU has been renewed between IUT and UPM University of Spain

During the visit of a delegation from Technical University of Madrid (UPM) from Isfahan University of Technology, the memorandum of understanding between two universities has been renewed.

The UPM delegation which was consisting of Mr. Jose Miguel Atienza Riera, Vice-Rector for Academic Strategy and Internationalization, Mr. Angel Alvarez Director for International Relations Office and Mr. Jesus Vicente Carbajosa form Centre for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology of UPM Madrid, visited IUT in June 6, 2017.


During this visit, the UPM delegation had a formal meeting at the IUT International and Scientific Cooperation Office (ISCO) with Prof. Mahboobi Soofiani Director of ISCO and Prof. Saeidi the Head of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Prof. Mirlohi Vice-President for Research of the College of Agriculture.         

At this meeting Prof. Mahboobi had a short presentation about IUT and Prof. Alvarez had a short presentation about UPM as well. “Iranian Students are so talented and successful at our university. We hope to extend our collaboration with Iranian universities”; said Prof. Alvarez. After the presentations the parties had some conversations about the ways of extending the mutual collaboration and putting the MOU that has been signed between IUT and UPM in 2008 into action. They talk about the exchange of faculty members for short-term courses, providing opportunities for PhD students such as joint research projects, short sabbaticals and joint dual PhD degrees and collaborating in the fields of Materials Engineering, Electronics, Image Processing, Avionics and Biotechnology.


At the end of this session, the MOU between IUT and UPM has been signed and renewed by Prof. Mahboobi Soofiani and Prof. Alvarez. After that, the UPM delegation members visited IUT Nanomaterial Institute and IUT Biotechnology Institute.

The Technical University of Madrid or sometimes called Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spanish: Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM) is a Spanish University, located in Madrid. According to the annual university ranking conducted by El Mundo, the Technical University of Madrid ranks as the top technical university in Spain and second overall.

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