The first International Conference of SILK GIS has been held at Isfahan University of Technology

Following the recent collaboration between Isfahan University of Technology and Chinese Academy of Science, Isfahan University of Technology hosted the first International Conference of SILK GIS during June 24-26, 2017.


Prof. Mahmood Modarres Hashemi, the President of IUT had a speech at the opening ceremony of the conference. “According to the literatures, there has been a long standing history of economic and political ties between Iran and China. We are hopeful that the revival of the ancient Silk Route between China and Iran would expand a friendly relationship between the two countries in the new era of scientific collaboration in the near future.” Said Prof. Modarres Hashemi.


Silk GIS had 24 international participants from China, Canada, Spain, Austria and Russia who took part in the specialized workshops and scientific speeches about Silk Road GIS.

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