Extending collaboration between Isfahan University of Technology and the North-Caucasus Federal University

During the second joint meeting of the Iranian and Russian top universities, a memorandum of understanding has been signed between Isfahan University of Technology and the North-Caucasus Federal University of Russia.
The presidents and the directors of international offices of the top universities of Iran and Russia gathered at the Negarestan Museum Garden of Tehran, to discuss about the ways of expanding the scientific collaboration between Iran and Russia in different fields of humanities, engineering and Medical Sciences.

“We are going to re-write the history of bilateral relations between Iran and Russia. The great job of these universities will be remain in the history of two countries”; said Prof. Victor Antonovich Sadovnichy, president of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the head of the Union of the Russian Universities. “Isfahan University of Technology, Shahid Beheshti University of Tehran and Sharif University of Technology have the most joint scientific papers with Moscow State University and the Saint Petersburg State University. We predict that more than 260 agreements will be signed between Iranian and Russian Universities”; he added.

Three different scientific and educational roundtables has been held at this meeting. Prof. Mahmood Modarres Hashemi, the President of IUT and Prof. Valery Telichenko President of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and the head of the international union of Russian Civil Engineering Universities, where jointly the chairman of the roundtable subjected “The role of science and technology parks in the development of universities’’. In this roundtable, the participants emphasized on the synergistic effect of the universities and the science and technology parks on each other.



At the end of this meeting, several MOUs have been signed between the university presidents and a MOU has been signed by Prof. Modarres Hashemi the IUT president and Prof. Alina A. Levitskaya, Rector of North-Caucasus Federal University. Exchange of academic staff and graduate students, joint research activities particularly in the field of oil and gas, organizing joint conferences and workshops and exchange of educational information are some of the provisions of this MOU.
North-Caucasus Federal University is one of the top universities of Russia with more than 240 thousand full-time, half-time and e-learning students in 192 majors in BSc, MSc and PhD level.
It is noteworthy to mention that the first joint meeting of the Iranian and Russian top universities was held in Moscow in October 2015 and during the past year the scientific cooperation between Iran and Russia has a growing trend.

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