Isfahan University of Technology, was hosted Prof.Dr. Paul Grimm

Isfahan University of Technology, was hosted Prof.Dr. Paul Grimm, a graphic designer and computer game specialist at the Fulda University in Germany, on Sunday 07 April 2019.

He visited the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Technology Commercialization of Isfahan University of Technology.

During these visits, there were issues about ideas completion, commercialization, and patents. He also visited Innovation Center and had a meeting with Artificial intelligence group.


Department of Electrical and Computer engineering of Isfahan University of Technology, welcomed pro. Grimm in the afternoon of the same day; and he presented a lecture for faculty members and students on the subject of virtual reality.


Professor Grimm visited Isfahan science and Technology Town in the following. After the introduction of the ISTT, a meeting was held with the participation of several IT companies, and they introduced their activities, services and products. He also visited different parts of ISTT, such as children science centers, different laboratories and workshops.


His next host was the center of computer games of Isfahan University. During this visit, gaming teams presented their latest products and described the research and treatment plans at the center. Then, during a meeting with the director and members of the computer games center, he introduced his activities at the Fulda University. At the end , a sincere meeting was held on joint cooperation between the two universities.

Pauel Grimm, is the professor at Digital Media Department of the Fulda University of Applied Sciences in Germany since 2011. He has a research background at the NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) in the United States; He works in the field of graphic data processing, interactive graphical systems, 3D modeling and animation, computer graphics, virtual reality and game programming.

Grimm also follows the researches about Product Presentation in the Picture World, Multimodal Interactions, and Digital Photography.

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